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How to print horizontally on a HP Designjet 500 42 using Adobe Illustrator?

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by annawilsonz, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. annawilsonz


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    At work we have purchased a HP Designjet 500 42 poster printer. In Adobe Illustrator CS2, I am trying to print out a large web design company logo. The problem is; Illustrator is constantly forcing the printer to print the image out in the wrong orientation.

    The logo is 20" wide, and 6" tall. Our printer uses a 42" roll. Illustrator keeping printing the image out such that the image is only using 6" of the total 42" width, and printing out 20" in length. Thus, wasting a lot of paper.

    Is there any proper setup I am overlooking? I have tried every combination that comes to mind. Portrait vs landscape, rotate 90 degrees, entering custom paper sizes... Nothing comes out in a horizontal manor.

    I will also mention that this has not been a constant issue in Adobe PS CS2. However my technique for that program, does not work for Illustrator.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Worlock

    Worlock Guest

    Hi AnnaWilsonz...Welcome to the forum...
    First off let me say this, The best thing is to ask Adobe for the help...this is laughingbird software support not Adobe, Adobe support is what you need.
    Sorry but I dont think too many of us users really use Adobe.
  3. Worlock

    Worlock Guest

  4. KD-did


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    You might try seeing if there is any software updates for your HP printer and try their support because I don't think it is a problem with Illustrator . Did you try changing the layout in Illustrator to landscape in case the program is over riding and making sure the printers properties were set to landscape too? Were you trying to print from the program directly or from a saved file?
  5. awalck

    awalck Staff Member

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    Worlock might be right that there are few, but some of us love Illustrator.

    You beat me to it KD. Sometimes switching to an older driver, updating to a newer one, or simply reinstalling a driver can do a lot.

    A suggestion (in case you haven't noticed it). Make sure 'auto rotate' is not selected in the printer setup.

    Also, what size roll or paper are you entering in the printer setup? and are you stating inches or mm?


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