How to participate in the forums and start a new thread

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    Any member of the forum can start a "thread" or post to a "thread". A "thread is a subject message or a group of messages that have been added beneath a top message that share (or are a response to ) the common subject matter. To start a new thread, make sure you are already signed into the forums . Look for the appropriate selection that best fits the subject matter, then click the "Start New Thread". When you are starting a thread, you are simply adding a new message to the forum and that is not a response to any existing messages.

    You must be logged in as a registered member in order to start a new thread or respond to a thread. The attachment is a screen shot of the form for starting a new thread for users who are already logged in. The screen shot of the form for starting a new thread for users who are not logged in. Note: Register here

    First, before starting a new thread, we suggest that you use the search feature especially when you need or want an answer
    How to start a New Thread

    * Click on the forum or subforum in which you want to create the new thread
    * Click on the "New Thread" button just above the list of current topics in the forum
    * Enter a title for the thread in the top title box above the main edit window
    * Type your message
    * Scroll down past the edit screen until you see buttons marked "Submit New Thread" or "Preview Post", just below the forum message icons
    * Click on "Submit New Thread"
    * That's it. You're done

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