How to make my Trees on a hill

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Flotsom, Nov 22, 2005.

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    Here is a short tutorial for making one possible Christmas card with TLC ...

    First image is the finished product

    1- I started with the circle mask (made it using Shapes Font) to hide the top tree behind ...

    2- Then I added the Swoosh for the hill line, and set it along the top of the grayish circle ...

    3- Then I added the tree which I made with a shape in Corporate Edition 1, if you like it ... use it and save the trouble ...

    4- I then duplicated the tree 4 times by using "Duplicate Logo Element" in the modify menu to get the 5 trees. I hid part of one behind the hill mask and reduced its size and darkened it for perspective. Then placed, sized, and colored the others to suit my own eye.

    5- Last, I selected the gray circle mask, and colored it white ... voila!​

    Now just add a sleigh or what ever you like and presto! not too shabby a card!

    Hope you enjoy.

    P.S. If you like the finished product, you can download it! There is also a copy of this tutorial in Wizard's Eye that might be a little easier to follow by virtue of my ability to place each image by each step, but it is not exactly rocket science:getting n
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    Is it just me or is there no image attached there?
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    It's not you ..... lost in server move. BooHooHoo!!

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