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How to load multiple spinning books

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by spypoint, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. spypoint


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    I've created 4 different spinning books and have even uploaded one successfully to my website: http://www.spyglasspoint.com/toolkit.htm

    How can I publish multiple books on the same page or different pages and keep them all in the same root directory? Every book has a Box_Graphics folder with different pictures and every folder has the exact same names (top_texture_member, spine_texture_member, etc.) When I upload multiple books, they all come out looking the same, the current jpg contained in the folder.

    I can change the name of the books, and even the names of the cover, spine, etc., but the program is still going to the Box_Graphics folder and will be looking for the default names of the box sides. If I change them, the program, which is looking for the default names, finds nothing. Since I cannot change the programming, I'm stuck with the default names, right?

    So is there any way to upload more than one book and get around this problem?


  2. Chris_Houg

    Chris_Houg Staff Member

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    After playing around with it for a while, I did come up with one way to have multiple books on one page like the one you showed and it involves using iframes.

    First, save your ebooks in different directories, for example, ebook1, ebook2, ebook3

    I believe the code they give for each ebook is the same for all, so take the code, open notepad, paste the code there, then save it as index.html

    Put a copy of the index.html in each of the ebook directories.

    Upload the directories and contents to your site where you have access to it with your browser IE http://yourdomain.com/ebook1

    Now in the page that you want to display the ebook in you would enter:

    You may need to play with the height/width a little to fit your needs.

    To display another ebook in the same page, use the same code except change the /ebook1 to /ebook2 or /ebook3

    This is assuming you uploaded the directories to your document root directory IE public_html, www, etc directory.
  3. spypoint


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    I'll try that, Chris. Thanks for the help.

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