How to insert your .swf into a webpage

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    Hi there Ad Creator fanatics! :)

    Note: If you've tried to export your animated image and you're not seeing anything... no file or image is appearing... you'll probably have to update your copy of "AIR". Air is a component that The Ad Creator uses to export the .swf image. -- AIR is a free install, ... it's a cousin to the Flash Player.

    Download it here:

    The Flash Ad Creator outputs a .swf file. "SWF" is a format just like a Jpg or a PNG image, but it's created with Flash Animated elements.

    A .swf file is imported into a webpage a little differently than a normal graphic.

    Here's a quick tutorial (the videos below were not created by me, but I thought they gave good instruction, so I'm posting them here):

    Here's how to insert a .swf using the most common HTML plug in that most HTML creation tools contain:
    Here's a video showing you how to insert the .swf into your Facebook page:
    And here's one showing you how to insert a .swf into your Wordpress site:
    (If the videos above don't quite help, just search Google for "How to embed a .swf file")​

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