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    My name is Ed. My user name pigfarmered is that because my hobby is showing a "Sow & Litter Display" at our county fair each year. I have two sows (female pigs), breed them & show them & their babies (piglets) at the fair. This gives people the chance to touch & feel a baby piglet. I also have a 'button making machine" that I enjoy making different buttons. Some I give away, others I sell. I bought the Logo Creator in July 07 & have had fun making different designs for my button making machine. The Logo Creator is great for making buttons, because it lets you put your text in a circle around your picture & manipulate each letter any way you want. Pretty neat.http://www.logodesignforum.com/forums/images/Animated_Smilies/image28.gif
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    Welcome to the forum pigfarmer.. Be sure to take that first place ribbon this year in the show.. If not just get your own ribbon and make a button that says 1st place and then take a bunch of pictures...
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    Hi Ed.

    My family used to have a 250 sow pig farm....you can imagine the **** I had to shovel!

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