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Discussion in 'Meet the Mods' started by Lykke Schmitz, Feb 17, 2014.

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    Hi everybody - I'm Lykke - the better half of SchmitzIT =)

    I'm a 44 year old woman from Denmark, married (to the other half of SchmitzIT) and am the mother of 3. I have an education within Graphics and Design on different levels, am working as a Community Manager for 2 Games and also as the Marketing & Community Manager for SchmitzIT, where we offer professional Xenforo forum services. Therefore helping out here on Laughingbird Softwares forums is right up my alley!

    I will be spending some time cleaning up on the forums (moving threads and posts to their correct sections), adding a little new stuff for you to have fun with (hopefully) and to make things even more user friendly.

    So if you see me lurking around, and/or if you suddenly find that something moved in mysterious ways, it's only me =)

    Have fun ;)
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