Hi - New to this-From Boston- Love the program-have questions

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    Hi.. i think the program is great! Ive used the program very successfully to make web graphics and now Im trying to use it for Youtube covers- seems great.
    My questions are
    1.How do i make a poster like 16inches by 20 inches- the Youtube program doesnt let me make it that large.

    2. I see there are FREE graphics on this forum how do i get them into the software? is there a way to put them in one of the drop down choices?
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    Hi Marcello,

    Welcome to the forum! Hopefully you can get the answers you need here.

    #1: You can't make a graphic that big using any TLC product. Having said that, you can get a commercial printer like Kinkos and Staples, or an online service like Vistaprint, to blow your image up to the size you want. However, you may lose some quality.
    Read through these articles by GC Graphics and they will explain a little about why that happens. I think Glenn has said that he blew up and printed some pretty good images so you should be able to make it work for you.

    #2: Plenty of free graphics on the forum. Just right-clcik the graphic you want and select 'save image as' to save the graphic to your computer. Your elements directory is where you want to store these graphics for use in TLC. You can save them anywhere, it just makes them available in a drop down if they are stored in the right place. Your elements directory ( on a windows computer ) should be at c:/user/yourusername/My Documents/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Elements/

    will be whatever your name is on your particular computer.

    Simply create a subdirectory there ( call it something like /free graphics/ ) and store the images. You can create any number of subdirectories to organize your images. The only files that should go in these directories are jpg and png files. Next time you are working on a logo, use the top menu drop down to select free graphics ( or whatever you named it ) and your images will be displayed for you. If the folder is empty and you know you have an image there, check the image filename and make sure the png or jpg extension is lower case (png and not PNG) as upper case extensions do not show up.

    Come on back and let us know if you have any problems.
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