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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself!' started by malin, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. malin


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    hi, i'm malin, a new member in this site....

    I love design but i'm not creative enough in this soft...
    I need someone to guide me... to be the best best one...

    Pls HELP ME....
  2. wexusjon


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    malin thanks for posting - I would suggest reading older post & work your way up to present day - There are posts just like yours from the past that want help right a way but SELF Education would be a GREAT START with older post you can see that someone has taken the time to add to the post & then ad to that post again and again.

    I'm sure that some of the questions that you might have would already have been posted by someone & that the group has answered it in the past. You would use your SEARCH button to Search all older posts for a subject that may help - Like Mirror effect & what it has to offer.

    There is no better person to help with creative instinct than you & being curious about Older Posts... This helped me out from the start & still helps me out...

    Wish I had the time to help with every aspect of TLC but can not...(I help where I can)...

    Thanks malin for your post...

  3. Wicked


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    Take a lot of time and look around and deep into the forum.. You will grasp a lot about increasing your creating by viewing others examples. Welcome to the forum. I too have a creativity issue and the people here have opened my eyes to a lot and I am sure they will for you too.. Please enjoy!

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