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    I'm developing fun, new one day and extended tours around Central Florida and the South. Love laughingbird due to its creativity and lightheartedness. The tours are just getting started and I need help in updating my website as it needs simplifying. The website marvelousadventures.com was originally done in MSfrontpage but I have been away from it due to an illness then death in the family. Now I have forgotten how to change the navigation of the site from the opening index page to the home page. I find the intro page to be just another unwanted push of a button. I'm hoping to use a lot of the Laughingbird Software to help update and promote the site. Hopefully there is someone out there that will help in refreshing this ole memory.

    Here's hoping that I can learn enough about the software to one day help someone else.

    Love to see some of you on my tours!

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    I think you'll find this place a wealth of knowledge. There are several Mods and Members who dabble into the website creation stuff. (Actually, thier pretty good at it, but I don't want them to get big heads about it! :))

    Have fun!
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    Hi, I am sure you will find the laughingbird softwares exciting. many have been designed to help even beginners

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