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    My name is Ken and I work with a charity here in the Philippines called ... Pheed the Philippines. They are relatively new to social media but have been around for over a year & they are a 100 percent legal and bonded charity here in the Philippines. They feed Widows, Children, the homeless and those less fortunate because it is very tough here financially in the Philippines. As an example, if a person makes minimum wage in the US, they are WEALTHY here in the Philippines. Most people only make about $8.00 US a day here and that's the ones with decent jobs. There are jobs that make much less (take my position for example, lol. I don't get paid!) I just do it because I love it! And to see the smiles on the kids faces when the get the food is amazing! :)

    The charity needs help with a logo for their websites, Facebook etc. We have already set up all of our accounts but have been waiting on a logo design when i came across this thread. Because they are a Christian organization and are tied in with Religious and non Religious organizations throughout the Philippines, this is what they are looking for on thier logo:
    1) A blue world Globe
    2) The Philippines Sticking out from the Globe (like 3D maybe?
    3) 2 fishes
    4) 5 Loaves
    5) A Cross
    And Last but not least their name somewhere on the logo where it can be read, spelled as it is above.

    I know it sounds like a lot of things to have on a logo, and I tried to talk to the President of the charity so that we could have a much more simpler one, but that is what he is looking for. He said each item represents something that ties along with their mission statement and mission of the charity.

    So if the moderators/ owner of this site will allow a "for fun" contest, that benefits our charity, We would welcome the support and the help.
    Also any prayers that could be lifted up for us to be able to purchase more Food and find Suppliers/Supplies at a good price would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank You for the opportunity. God bless all of you, ken

    Matt 25:40 ‘I tell you the truth, anything you did for even the least of my people here, you also did for me".

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