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    I'm Alan.

    I first got started with computers in 1979 and have been on the Web since 1993. I work in wholesale electronics and have also been involved in electronics manufacturing for a long time. Electronics is what sparked my intrest in computers in the first place.

    I have been playing around with The Web Graphics Crreator for about a month And love it because it lets someone who isn't very good with graphics, create some impressive stuff. Just today, I also purchased Flash Ad Creator.

    I'm writing a couple of ebooks and am just about ready to start updating or creating the 12 Web sites I own (5 are less than a month old). So I'm a busy little beaver.

    I had almost given up on an Internet career until my only daughter was involved in a horrible and tragic automobile accident in June. Her courage and determination, rekindled my own desire to at least try to succeed once again.

    That's what brought me here.

    Thanks for reading this.
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    Hello Alan and welcome to the forums. While it was a terrible stressful situation that was your motivation that brought you to purchasing WGC in the first place it is nice to hear that your purchasing WGC was instrumental in motivating you further.

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