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    I so love this groups software...They have a great UI design team....
    Keep it up guy's.

    I am an independant design & concept guy.

    I specialize in creating identities for people & organizations.

    I work primarily with small business owners - individuals & musical artists.

    I love this software cause i can create elements in GIMP and dump them into the library for use....They sure made life easy...

    After i got used to the software - i can create 5 to 10 pre-proof ideas for a client in 1 to 3 hours (depending on complexity) - nice when you are bidding jobs instead of hourly...

    This software is making me more money now because i spend less time making the "ideas" to expand on....this allows me to really trick out my final products.....

    I know - sounds like an ad for the software - i guess you could say it is - cause i love it & try to keep it a secret from everyone...

    The only downfall to the software is that - i want more fonts.....

    So people - get creative - be free & remember - more layers more depth....I got stupid & made a 168 layer logo that took almost 40 minutes to render - but it sure looked nice....

    So - sweet, have a great day & don't stop making my life easy LaughingBird
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    Hi BP!

    Thanks very much for your testimonial!
    An excellent write-up :)

    Welcome to the forum.

    You mention above that you would like more fonts.
    You can use any font you have on your computer (as long as it's a TrueType font).

    When you click on your text element, you'll see two font buttons. The top button contains the fonts you have on your computer, the bottom button contains the built in fonts.

    Post more of your work blackpualani!
    Great stuff.

    - Marc
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    You rock Marc - Thanks

    I didn't think of that - Duh

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