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Here's an idea...

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by 3DS, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. 3DS


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    Hey Marc.

    How about creating a "eCatalog Flipbook"....that's what I really need. Something that creates flash flipbooks with templates that are editable; can add many products on each page, with mouse-over thumbs, click to enlarge pics & descriptions, optional click or virtual turn page feature.

    Can you make something like this soon? Pretty please. I have tons of potential customers that could use one of these, including myself.

    The flipbook w/ 1pg only you have now is nice, but I can't use it and already have several ebook creators to use. I have been looking for something to accomidate many images on each page (for catalogs) for a long time.

    You may go here for an example of what I am suggesting. Everyone should seriously try one of these out; each eCatalog is available in Flash & HTML versions. I love the Flash ones better:


    Something that can create something similar to this would be awesome!

    I would love to hear anyone else's thoughts on this idea too.

  2. prototype66


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    That would be sweet!
    I really need to learn more about this kind of stuff quick!

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