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    Please have a look at this site...

    It's from Adobe Labs ( top professional image editing site for those who are not familiar with image editing software or sites).

    We all know images for our logos are important and a must for identity, but color is also very important. Especially if you want your logo to be printed. Colors must match or compliment each other for professionalism (even if you are a novice... you can still look good)
    If your looking for the right photo or clip art to match your font or original design this site is helpful. You can create your own color scheme or use current examples from the list (or RSS feed).
    The site will prompt you to download the latest Flash plug-in if you do not have it (takes less than a min to install).
    Now your images can look good next to your logo!!

    Hope this helps.
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    I love this. Colors I would have never thought to put together!


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