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Discussion in 'Help wanted with my design' started by baconman, Jan 11, 2007.

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    Hi guys.

    Is there somone who can help me make a logo for my homepage.
    Its a site that offers support when someone can't install windows programs, and other progs, and if someone wants to upgrade ther computer..

    The url. is and the logo should be something with some pc graphics and the name ( hjemmesupport ) too ..

    The hp is not active yet, and the size of the logo should be around 280 X 200..

    Any help would be great ..

    If you want to mail it to me, please use bacon1575 @


    (Tia, Marc here - I edited your eMail address and put spaces in. Web bots like to scour forums for email addresses. They collect addresses for spam purposes. This is part of the reason people get slammed so much with crazy eMail. If you would like to put the eMail address back together, please do. Just wanted to make you a bit safer :D )

    - Marc
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