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    Ok. The answers are here somewhere, but after going cross eyed searching I'm giving up and taking the easy way out!

    I have created a bunch of logos... mostly because I'm trying to find The One for a couple of my businesses. Up until today, each time I have exported the .tlc file into either a jpg, pdf or transparent png it's gone off without a hitch. I get a decent file size and while it's not perfect, it's good enough.

    We finally decided on a logo and I tried to send it to both our ad designer (for our local paper and publications) and to my tech guy in charge of our website. BOTH logos were suddenly 25 KB in size instead of the 800 they've been before. I can't for the LIFE of me figure out where I'm going wrong. I saw where you can change the DPI but that hasn't helped.*

    Frankly, I LOVE this program even though it's giving me one headache after another. I just need to figure out what the heck I've done to pooch myself! Ideally, I need the images to be BIG... like able to print out onto an 11x17 sheet of paper. (With whatever the actual scale is... I think that it would then be roughly 7 or 8 x 16 inches. Give or take.*

    I have more questions, but I'm going to keep hunting and see if I can find the answers for myself first. Still bummed about the whole font issue. I bought several fonts including one that we LOVED for our family run store, but it just won't work in TLC. Oh well... the logo we did create is nice too!

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