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    Please backup all of your original purchases to another hard drive, a secure location, a usb thumb drive, the cloud, just back them up. ALSO BACKUP YOUR LAUGHINGBIRD DOCUMENTS FOLDER!

    I have a thumb drive I use just for Laughingbird software. Let's say I just did the upgrade to 6.8 of The Logo Creator, and ALL MY TEMPLATES ARE GONE! All I have to do is copy all of them from my backup copy! All of my stuff in my Laughingbird Documents directory is about 1.8GB of data-- so the backup / restore process may take sometime.

    Here is what's on my Laughingbird thumb drive: It's 4.74GB of stuff! Please note: I backed up my Laughingbird documents directory today.


    When requesting help, ranting about an issue, or just have generic questions about the software, if you provide some basic info with your issue it will speed up getting a correct response.

    1. What OS (operating system system- Windows, or MAC). Windows 7.0, 8.0, etc....
    2. If using a MAC OS- exactly what version are you using? OS X 10.6.8 for example.
    3. What software are you having difficulties with?
    4. Where did you purchase the software from?
    5. When did you purchase the software?
    6. What exactly is the issue? For example: "I purchased the Facebook timeline add on pak, installed it, but it doesn't show up in the program."

    At times, you may not get a response right away, KD Did, other admins and moderators, and myself are volunteers, and we tend to be online early in the morning, or late in the evening (west coast time), as our free time (and my many doctor appointments) allows.
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