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help!spinning book not showing up on page

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by rossross, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. rossross


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    Hello, the spining book creator makes a swf. and i saved it to every folder i could. i can see the swf. file with all its friends,but i can see the window in the swf. file and it is blank. when i put the file on my site all i get is a outlined box or the web creator logos in the ebook. the flip book does this aswell.i have used motion artists 3.0 and that saves as swf. file and i have no problems with that.. i'm kinda new a computers but learning quickly. I,m using webeasy 6 to create website. logos work just great!!no problems but getting the swf. on to the page is proving to be quite the challange.. Thank you in advance,:image24::image09:


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