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Help Required Soon!

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by sajjidmanuel, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. sajjidmanuel


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    I need some advice as to how I can maintain the same clarity and size when I import an image that I have designed in Photoshop (JPEG) to WGC for an e-cover.

    After I designed it and imported it; I did not get the same quality as I did when I viewed it in Photoshop. Let me know if you had the same problem or was it something that I missed out on?

    Sajjid Manuel
  2. Wicked


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    Have you tried the different scaling options? There are options to stretch an image to cover the box, fit to scale, and other options to get the image looking just right on your ecover.. I do not have the software on the computer I am on right now but I think you should be able to access these options by right clicking the image once it is on the box cover I think.
  3. a¿ex

    a¿ex Staff Member

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    could you provide a screenshot and the image, which you use as texture so we can see ourselves, what you mean and try to reproduce that on our machines.

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