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HELP mac OS - error message then program terminates

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by Madsy003, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Madsy003


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    Help needed!! I just purchased this software today and installed it fine on my macbook. Then I open the program and each time within about a minute or two the application closes and comes up with the message 'THE APPLICATION WEB GRAPHICS CREATOR QUIT UNEXPECTEDLY.'

    I have repaired the permissions folder already, but still get this error message!! It's really frustrating as I cannot use the software because it keeps closing unexpectedly!

    If anyone could assist that would be fantastic!!

  2. Doc

    Doc Staff Member

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    Hi madsy welcome to the forum. Sorry I can not offer any practical advice other than uninstalling the application and reinstalling (I am a PC user rather than a Mac user) However I am sure that one of our Mac gurus will be able to offer advice on how to solve the problem so keep checking for a reply.
  3. mugwump


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    Have you deleted the Preference file? Usually in your Home
    directory, /Users/(your_home)/Library/Preferences. I only
    have The Logo Creator, and I didn't see a Pref. file, so maybe
    this isn't such a good suggestion.

    I, too, would say re-install, but after you run "fix permissions"
    again, and maybe even reboot.

    Do you have any USB devices that could be unplugged before
    you do the installation? And then run the software without
    the USB stuff attached and see what happens.

    Any chance you have access to another Mac with 10.5.6 or
    earlier on it? If so, try to install it and run it there. There may
    be something "hinky" with 10.5.7 and the software . . .

    Sorry I can't be more helpful . . .


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