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HELP!!! How on earth do you size the canvas correctly!!!

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by antn, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. antn


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    I am SURE there is a way to do this, but for the life of me I cant figure it out! I just spent all of christmas eve (and now xmas day) trying to figure out what correct canvas size to use in the Art Center of WGC so that it maps correctly to the ebook covers in the Ecover Creator of WGC.

    If I create a cover image using the default 560 x 420, when I map it to the ebook models, it only covers the middle section of the models (see attached pics below.)

    Then if I use the "scale texture to fit exactly" option, it STRETCHES the image out of whack! (see attached image)

    If I use the "scale model to fit", it squashes the model, making it look like a CD cover.

    Then, if I use the model stretching arrow functions, the image is back to appearing stretched.

    I played around with the canvas size, trying to increase it to the size necessary to naturally cover the ebook models, but to be sufficiently large enough to do this the canvas height has to be over 900 pixels, far bigger than my monitor!

    It seems like the 560 x 480 size is best suited to CD covers, not ebooks and software boxes????

    Or is this a situation of the models being too large????

    I KNOW there's got to be a simple solution to this that I am missing???

    Can somebody PLEASE HELP!!!

    Also, It seems that the images map correctly only if you shut down the software and reope it again, AND the image you need has been set as the default image????

    This is perplexing.....I know it's Xmas day, but can somebody put down the presents and HELP!!!! :angel:

    P-S: Marc - a tutorial on proper image sizing and mapping would be most welcome as this is extremely confusing, unless I missed the road somewhere :))

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  2. antn


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    Solution found??

    Hi everybody,

    Realizing it's xmas day, I knew not too many people will be on this forum to help me with my problem, so I HELPED MYSELF!!!

    I think I solved the canvas size image mapping problem!! :banana

    Again, I think it had to do with the renderer. For some reason, WGC wasn't loading my openGL driver, only the default directx 5 and 7 ones. I had been selecting the directx 7 driver, but the results were still blurry, and I think it was the cause of the problem of incorrectly stretching the canvas images to fit the models.

    I have the opengl driver installed on my computer, and I have another ecover software (not WGC) that uses opengl with good results, so I started wondering why WGC was only presenting me with directX options and no openGL.

    So, I did the ole' computer reboot, and voila!, OPENGL was presented as an option, and now, in a word>....PROBLEM FIXED!!!

    I am a power user and my computer STAYS ON constantly and this is the first reboot I have had in almost a month..and I had to shut down almost 100 browser windows and uncountable software applications with the reboot, but to be able to use this program, it was well worth it....

    With no other applications running, the increase in speed of WGC was nice too :)

    Mastering this software has been quite a challenge, and I can't count how many times I have been ready to throw in the towel...but didnt. I think the reason I kept plugging away is simply..THIS SOFTWARE HAS SO MANY AWESOME FEATURES!!!! Nothing else out there comes close in features...trust me, I have looked....kudos Marc:thankyou: :beer:

    I think the rendering driver issue lies at the crux of most problems people face with WGC...

    Of course, the non-standard user interface is a major learning curve hurdle as well. Even graphic software masters may be challenged...especially if they experience the rendering driver problems, but granted, once you get the hang of it, it's a piece of cake!:beer:

    Now, if Marc can be persuaded to put all modules TOGETHER into ONE, without the need to keep exiting one to go into another, and somehow standardize the interface, this program will really fly...

    I wonder if TWO instances of WGC can be run at once, so you can work in the Art Center on one, and then have your saved/exported images available immediately, ready to load on the 2nd instance with the 3d Ecover creator module, this way no need for constant exiting?

  3. Mr Laughingbird

    Mr Laughingbird Staff Member

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    Hello Antn!
    Welcome to the forum!

    Excellent post.
    I'm sorry I had missed your first one. (Christmas and all).

    I'm very happy to hear you've been able to correctly map your image to the boxes. Can you post the new images? I'd like to see them.

    I really appreciate your kind remarks Antn.
    Please keep posting your work - I promise to answer quicker in the future (except perhaps for New Years eve!) :D

    - Marc

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