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    Hi all of you;

    My name is Lionel, a web designer novice at San Sebastian, a small town in the center of the Island of Puerto Rico, and new to this software. It seems to me it is wonderful but I have a little problem with it.

    I bought the software to help me creating ads for www.pulsodepuertorico.com I created my first ad and when I try to preview it in a Browser I can see it in all the the browsers except in Internet Explorer. I have tried versions 6 and 7 with no success. Is this a bug. How can I solve this problem. Can someone help me?
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    Hi Lionel. Welcome to the forum.

    What Laughingbird software package are you referring to? And, what ad that you can't see in IE. I'm currently viewing your page and see alot of stuff that could have been created in LB product.

    Let us know a few more specifics and we'll see if we can help you out.

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