Hello to everyone...new to the forum and need some help

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself!' started by turtlebugs3, Apr 23, 2007.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm Judy from Central Florida and am happy to have finally joined the forum.

    I have had the Logo Creator for some time now and LOVE it. I recently switched to Windows Vista and now have all kinds of little quirks going on. :image06-1: Is anyone else experiencing problems with Vista? I have trouble changing the colors, it automaticly goes to white so I have to do each thing in steps. I do one thing, save it to TLC, open it from TLC and do another thing and on and on. That way I don't have to hit done. If I hit done that's when the color changes to white. Same with outlines and shadows. I also have found that anything ,(text or images), that are on the bottom of the logo freeze and can't be moved, deleted or anything! Makes me have to start all over. AHHHHHH!!!!

    I don't know what version I have of the Logo Creator...duh. Where do I see that? I really want to get another edition but would like to work these quirks out first. Any advice?
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    There are alot of softwares not working the greatest on the Vista operating system. I tried to locate the exact info, but there is a box that can be clicked that will tell Vista to operate your software using XP function. From what I've heard, that has taken care of things.

    BTW - Welcome to the Forum!!

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