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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself!' started by needle&thred, May 14, 2007.

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    Hi from Michigan. I used Logo Creator v5.0 to create my first logo and liked how easy it was to bring a bit of flair to the design. (I like the design simple but still think it lacks something)

    I currently work out my home doing sewing and embroidery work (real tough to figure that out) as my second job. Mom first with 3 active kids. I am very rusty with the design work and love all of the fantastic ideas that I have seen here. Are there any good resource books to help learn graphic design or is it just years of experience? Where do you get your inspiration? I would love to learn this to bring this to my creations.


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    Welcome to TLC Forum!!!!

    .......IMHO.............."practice makes perfect". The hardest LOGO to create, is one for yourself!! You can learn alot from the folks here, and active participation on this Forum will enable you to achieve the LOGO creations you desire *wink*.

    "Questions answered, is Knowledge gained"

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    Imagination is a good medium too :D
    I get my ideas from "wondering" about...and "What if".
    When you drive down the busy side of town look around you and see all the logos on the vehicles and stores...pick one you like and go home and re-design it :) ...say to yourself..What if I re-designed that logo..what would it look like...what would it be? Let your imagination work and your design will work too...

    Welcome to the forum

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