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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself!' started by nonlogo, Nov 23, 2007.

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    Hi everybody........

    my name is Steve. I just joined the forum, and posted my 'first' logo.

    I thought it looked pretty dang good! until I started browsing in here lookng at everybody else's designs.

    I can tell apparantly I don't have the talent for logo creations. lol

    Anyways, I started out working with this company who designs and creates logos, I wanted to get in that action. It looked like it could be fun.

    The boss gave me my first opportunity...and after reading the required info pertaining to their logo request I acquired an image..(the logo) The one I made though wasn't even close to what I wanted.

    I've no training what-so-ever,and after looking at logos in this forum and also on line...i can see mine really looks....sad.....LOL

    Guess it's to the 'training' board for me and MORE tutorials to..........

    I acquired this Laughingbird logo creator after my 9 year old daughter entered a logo contest with something about doughnuts. (her art work actually looked better than mine to!)

    anyways, thanks to anybody who takes the time to read this, and have a GREAT! and wonderful day.......
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    Hi nonLogo!
    Nice to see your first post.

    I hope your daughter is having fun (or you're having fun) with the copy of The Logo Creator you both won.

    Don't sell yourself short, I'd love to see the logo you've created. If you can attach it to a forum post, we'd love to see your creation.

  3. nonlogo


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    first logo

    Hello Marc,

    hey, I'm not too sure if I did this right or not.........???

    But over in the Logo design Center i uploaded my logo....

    I thought about trying to do it in here with this post, yet chose not to just in case I didn't do it the right way over in the design center........
  4. Randy...

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    Welcome to the forum Nonlogo.

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