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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself!' started by deano_b, Feb 23, 2007.

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    Morning folks! Just a quick one to say hi, and a little about myself.
    My name's Dean, and I'm 31 and based in Darlington. I have TLC 5 and I love it! I am hoping to perhaps make a bit of money on the side by selling logos that I have designed. I have a site up and running to promote this - http://dbdesign.awardspace.co.uk and there's some sample logos on there. Let me know what you think! It's early days yet but I know there must be money to be made from it?! Hope to hear from you soon! Deano
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    Hi Deano-

    Welcome to the forum!
    I wish you much success with your new site.

    To make some money, you've got to have some traffic. The best way to get more traffic is through the search engines. I highly recommend getting an ebook on "search engine optimization" (SEO in street lingo). Aaron Wall's SEO Book.com

    It's the best there is. I've used it.

    Good luck Deano!

    - Marc

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