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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself!' started by Maurine, May 25, 2007.

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    Just wanted to say hello to all.
    My name is Maurine and I'm a socalled "army-kid". As For my age, let's not talk about that. Only so much... I'm a 153 year old, redheaded, german-american-irish witch. Living in Germany for the past 25 years. And the past few years I really regret it.

    I started a web design business with a friend, that has been in online since 2006 and it's been going solala. I work with PSP and have had the Logo Creator for years, but never did use it :image02: I'm really ashamed about that.

    Looked around the Forum a bit and I think I will try myself on some Logo's.

    Well, it's time I got some sleep....good night all :SayingHi:

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    Cool....welcome to the forum :)
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