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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself!' started by Aventuryne, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Hello all,

    I live in France close to Paris, but I'm still a Canadian :) .

    I bought yesterday my second Laughingbird Product (The web graphic creator).

    I finally decided to join the forum, and I'm glad to be a member here.

    My first language is french, but I do manage to get around with english too. :)

    I'm looking forward to participating, learning and sharing with you whatever my knowledge in graphics are. :image07-1:

    See you around.
    oh by the way...I'm a "she" not a "he" :)
  2. Randy...

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    Welcome!! Glad to see you joined and participating. We like to have some fun while we're learning, so jump right in. The water feels great!!

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