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    I am a senior citizen living in Holly Hill, Florida who is a "wannabe" website and graphics creator, with an open mind to suggestions and recommendations. I have made a few websites in the past and have only recently had the time venture back into the "waters" again. Currently working on a ecommerce site to sell pocket knives. As I am in need of a logo asap, I have posted a request in the logo design forum for assistance. Hopefully my future endeavors in designing a logo will go a little better.

    I recently purchased the Logo Creator and have been doing a little experimenting with it. But until I have mastered a few of the basics, I will probably be returning to these forums with questions and request.

    I am currently with a program called XSitePro 2, which is a wonderful design program for websites. Any one out there with any experience with this program I would be interested in communicating with them. I strongly believe in networking, as it is a wonderful timesaver.

    Last, but not forever, I am wondering what the comments and reviews are about the web graphics software are. I would like to use it in creating some headers. Now understand, that I currently have Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, but the learning curve is little more intense then what I have seen so far in this software.

    Well, I guess that is enough now, to the ball rolling.
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    Welcome again Olefogey , did you know TLC can be used to make website headers?
    You might want to look at Laughingbird's new product The ShowCase Creator ... with it you could make a page for each potential type of customer and show a product line. It is TLC easy and add a great deal to your website endeavorers.

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    Hello From Sunny St. Pete.!!
    I use TLC exclusively for ALL my web site design elements. Everything at your fingertips, and the very best in Support here on the TLC Forum.


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