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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself!' started by joyful, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. joyful


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    Hello to all, and I hope everyone is creating wonders with their software. I'm an utter failure with inconsistent actions, freezes and failures after several hours troubleshooting this software. I wouldn't confess my troubles if I were able to get the crazy "Introduce Yourself" message off the top of the forum page some other way. I hope this post does the trick.:image09:
  2. Wicked


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    Well yeah it should do the trick... As far as your mentioned failures it does not sound like your fault at first word. It sounds like you computer does not have very much RAM... Computers consistently freeze when running graphics programs when they are not factored with much RAM.. Perhaps you can see where your computer stands diagnostically. Check how much RAM you have.. Available Disk space. Computer Defragged recently? or ever? Many factors could come into play here.. Be assured the software does not freeze up all the time. If you want to post back here perhaps we can help you figure out where the problem lies...

    Then if we figure this out you will be happy you took the time to introduce yourself.. Welcome to the Forum..

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