Hello and Happy Holidays to Ya's!

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    Hi everybody.

    Just wanted to say Hi and wish you a happy holiday season.
    Hope you're all having fun with Laughingbird's Software :D

    Lot's of new things coming in 2016

    Lisa (my wife and Laughingbird partner) and I have been working on new products and re-positioning Laughingbird Software a bit.

    Laughingbird Software will soon be the hub for all Laughingbird Graphics apps, and we'll also start pushing out some really cool MARKETING apps for you to help you with your business.

    The first of these products is called The PromoBot!

    a marketing tool to help you come up with an idea each day that will bring traffic to your website. It's a cool tool and we're excited about it.

    Another product I've been working on for decades (okay... not decades maybe but close enough) is The Web Graphics Creator. Its coming and I think it's going to be a great tool to help boost your business.

    If you're up for it, Here's a quick demo video I created for another marketer - it's about 8 minutes long, but it'll show you just ONE of the great features this new app is going to give you:

    and finally! We're getting a new iOS app out the door. It's going to be compatible with the Desktop version. If you create a template, you'll be able to open the template on your iPhone or iPad! ... and vice versa! It's pretty slick.

    If you have any questions after reading this - comment below!

    Happy Holidays to you!
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