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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself!' started by philg, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. philg


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    Hi everyone. Just started using demo version and I have 2 quick questions. How do you change colors of letters in the same word or different word on the same line (using same font)? Also, can't seem to acess Avant Garde font. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. KD-did


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    Welcome to the TLC forums. To change the color within one word you would have to work each letter as a separate part . Say the word was Dog.. letter d color, letter o, color letter g color. To save some effort you can duplicate so the font choice and effects would stay in place but you can color different. You can always do the work at one time, export and use a paint program to color letters differently.

    As for the Avant Garde font I don't recall it being in TLC embedded fonts...ever... so it would be in your system font files somewhere. If you have more than 1 folder for your system fonts it maybe to deep for TLC to access or maybe corrupted. If it is in a second file all you need to do is copy or move it into the first system font folder...if corrupt get a new download of Avant Garde font and replace the damaged font making sure to install it to
    the first font folder in your OS.
  3. theoldwiz


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    Welcome. I hope youve figured this out anf have a nice time on the forums.

  4. Mr Laughingbird

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    Hi Phil.

    To create letters with different colors, try making each letter separately.

    For example, type in "A"
    Then, go to the MODIFY menu and choose 'duplicate' -

    Change the new duplicated letter to "P"

    Continue this way until you have the word "APPLE"
    Set each letter to a different color (or font).

    Let me know if this works.

    ... what troubles are you having with Avante Garde?
  5. Randy...

    Randy... Guest

    Then, when you have your word all done, group them together using the menu option. Then you can move it all at once.

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