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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself!' started by cashpot, Mar 6, 2007.

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    I am just now making an entry to this forum after years of using Logo Creator. What a new way to get things done without spending hours if not days in some other package like Photoshop or such app. I can figure most things out with time so I have not really had a need to post.

    However, I have Corporate -Edition1 with a file date of 11/2002. Recently I purchased CIC with LC v5. What I would like to do is import the old version of Corporate into v5, now 5.1 so I don't have to buy Corporate-Edition1 for a second time.

    Any way to make this happen? Any ideas or input would be appreciated.

    Welcome to Logo Creator for all the new folk who are just now having a playful and hopfully profitable experience. :image11-1:


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    Hi Cashpot.

    I really appreciate your comments above.
    Very nice testimonial :D

    If you have an earlier version of one of the Corporate Sets, you should only have about 26 logos.

    If you get the Version 5.0 upgrade ($19.95), it will install 60 new logos for you, and update the software.

    THEN, re-install The CICreator's version of The Logo Creator and all of your logo libraries will merge into one.

    Hope this helps!

    - Marc
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    Upgrade v2.6 to v5.0?

    Hi Marc,

    I only wish I had upgraded! No, I paid the full price for v5. I also have on my putr, v2.6 with the Corporate-Edition1 installed on it.

    Back in those days, the original demo came with several cartoon characters, and some addons, including swishes and globe thingies. Well, when I bought the CE1, it all got lost, or broken.

    I have not had any luck getting this ( the v2.6 CE1 into v5) to work and when I installed v5, it installed without a hitch, but left v2.6 alone.

    I am having to create part of a logo in v2.6, then export it out as a png. then import it into v5 and finish what i started. Then into Fireworks. I manage to get things done, but it's way more work than it needs to be.

    At this point, I'm ready to just buy another one if it will work in v5.

    All in all, for the new people, the software is a good stable product and what I am experiencing is just one of those things. Even with my workarounds, it's still far better than any other products I've used, or bought, or tried... freeware, shareware, commercial-ware, pencil and paper-ware, and even dreamware, lol

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