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    You are probably wondering why you do not have an account in our member area....

    The reason you probably get that "no such user" message is that you probably do not have an account in the member area, meaning, you have not made any purchases since March 6th, 2015, or, you have not provided copies of receipts for older purchases.

    We started using the member area on March 6th, 2015. Any purchases made before that date have to be manually set up in the member area.

    If you would like to be able to download your past purchases (especially if you purchased BEFORE March 6th, 2015), please send in full copies of your receipts / confirmation emails and I (Glenn) or Marc (the owner) will set things up for you, once we have a change to review the submitted receipts.

    TO GET YOUR RECEIPTS: Log into your PayPal account. or Get your transaction history from Cleverbridge (who handled our orders for almost 3 years).

    Use this link to get your Transaction History from Cleverbridge: https://www.cleverbridge.com/?scope=cusecolp

    You cannot redownload anything purchased from Laughingbird Software form Cleverbridge: that link you will use is the order lookup link.

    Quite often when a customer provides just an order ID number we have no way of determining what exact products were ordered. A full copy of the receipt is requested to ensure the customer receives exactly what they paid for.

    Please do not add direct links to old emails
    . If you don't know how to attach the emails as a PNG or JPG or PDF image just copy and paste the entire text of the email into your support request.

    Some items are no longer available: The animated 3D generic white characters, the Black Box Graphics set, and anything from before version 6.0 (which includes things like the old animated Logo Creator, the Old Flash Ad Creator, any add on template set, which includes things like the old corporate templates or the old Entertainment template set, and the old Mega pak, which included all the old template sets). Backup CD's have also not been available for close to 4 years now.

    Thanks for understanding. This will really speed up the process of setting you up in the new members area!
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