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    I bought TLC a few days back to design a logo for my Fantasy Baseball League and it's future winner's trophy/plaque. The images I designed on Paint just wasn't up to par!!

    So far it's been really, really fun.

    2 questions:

    1) When saving and uploading the logo to the website how do I decide which format to save it under? Does it matter? What's the difference between jpeg, bmp, gif, or png?

    2) Is there anyway to edit the orbs? I'm finding that I love the lighting effects on 'em, and can create interesting effects with 'em by changing the opacity on the objects in front of 'em. BUT in the logos I'm designing I don't need the whole orb. I just want the light show!!

    I know Paint doesn't work...tried that. YUCK!! :image07-1:

    Maybe Photoshop, eh? Unfortunately, I don't have it. Bummer!! :image06:

    Anyways, any thoughts on either of those two questions would be extremely helpful to this ecstatic newbie!! :image23:

    Thanks and God Bless!!

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