Greetings From The Ozarks!

Discussion in 'Meet the Mods' started by gunsmoke, Mar 25, 2014.

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    Hi ya'll! I'm Lance 'Gunsmoke' Tindall and I have a 15 acre piece of woods in the middle of Missouri. Born in Kansas City,KS I've traveled the country coast to coast growing up. Then traveled the world while in the US Air Force. I spent 6 years of that time stationed in England and really loved it. Getting out was hard to do but I fell into a job driving 18 wheelers and still get to travel the country (and get paid to do it). 22 years later and I'm still driving though not as much. Now I ride along as I train new drivers for this career. One of these days I'll settle down and just work (play) with my computer. I've had TLC (and own most of Laughingbird's software) since v5.x and have created many logos for personal and business use. If you have any questions then don't be shy. Pop into the forum anytime and ask. I've got to go now, but I'll be around most days. I hope to see ya'll 'round the forum!

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