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Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by patchgonebad, Apr 12, 2006.

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    :WOW1: Nice work guys on Flash Ad Creator! I love the program, I liked it so much I got the Logo Creator as well. Here are just a couple of questions.

    1. On Flash Ad Creator, will there be a addon or something of that nature that will export the *.fla file necessary to edit within Macromedia Flash?

    2. Will more templates be released as an update for future releases of the Flash Ad Creator?

    3. On the Logo Creator, where can I get and add aditional graphics? What my goal is to have the aditional graphics show in the drop down bar menuing system within Logo Creator.

    Once again, great work
  2. cybrnetico

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    if you look in the installed directory of flash ad you will find the FLA files, the name of the directory is "native Flash Files". So if you a flash wiz kid, go at it :D

    Stay tuned for 2.0 it fine tunes the program. :)
  3. Mr Laughingbird

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    Hi Patchen.

    Thanks very much for your kind words about The Flash Ad Creator!
    I'm working very hard on v2.0.

    Yes - I will have more ads available in v2.0
    v2.0 will be a free upgrade to those who have v1.5

    AND - Patchen, there is an update to the version you may have purchased at a retail store: (look for the v1.5 update). Version 1.5 contains the native .FLA files you're asking about.

    As for question #3 - look around the forum here!
    There's a ton of free stuff the users are putting out.

    Show us the Ad you've created PatchGoneBad!

    - Marc

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