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graphics for website headers

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by robynpaula, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. robynpaula


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    I just bought this software and am trying to figure it all out and was wondering if there is any info on the sizes and resolutions of images one should use when making a header for a website.

    Also, is it possible or realistic to use an image that is well a video? There is a video image on istockphoto that would be perfect for one of my clients - this one:
    Royalty-free stock Video | Heart Flatline HD (With Audio) | iStockphoto.com

    Does anyone have an opinion on if I could use it to make a website header? And if so, any tips?

    Much thanks in advance!
    Robyn Morris
  2. Wicked


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    I do not think there is any particular suggestion for size or resolution except to tell you to make it the size that fits your website.. If your page is 800 pixels wide then your header will surely be close the same.

    I am rather new too this particular piece of software as well because I have only recently owned it. However in the time I have had I do not think you can change the resolution dpi. However you do have different export options within the software that will help you achieve the look you need. Typically I am sure the software will create a satisfactory quality for your needs so probably not much to worry about there.

    Now as far as making that video appear in your the header of your site is no problem as long as you know how to do it.. It seems to run on flash programming. However be aware that this software will not support a flash file. Unless you were thinking of stripping an image from the flash file and then uploading the image into the software that is the only way you could do it.

    All you really have to do is play with it for a couple days or hours which ever works for you and you will achieve the results you are looking for most likely rather quickly. Just take the minute to explore the softwares capability.

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