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Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by collectors, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. collectors

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    Hi to all,
    I have some cartoon characters that were sent to me in a Giff format, & they look great. But when i use them in Logo Creator i export them in Giff to a file to save it, & itlooks like my logo is got paint missing of the colours, (not pix-elated). If i save the same logo in jpeg it comes out great. we would like it in Giff to save a few KB on our site.
    Can any one make any suggestions. ?:thank you:

  2. KD-did

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    Are you exporting in gif or transparent gif. ? Transparent gifs have a tendancy to look a might strange until they are placed on a site.
  3. collectors

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    Thanks KD, must admit i haven't tried them on the site yet as i just thought they wasn't right.
  4. Borpean

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    KD is right about the Gif looking "chunky" depending on the export.

    Also, When receiving a gif and then altering it, trying to make it larger, or saving it out as another file, you will lose it's quality.
    Gif's are a pain that way. The best bet is to try and keep it as close the original size as best you can.
    If they are large Gif's however, I think you can get away with exporting it as a smaller jpg and still save some KB.
  5. KD-did

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  6. D RAT2

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    Sounds like you might have a transparency issue. Are the colors missing white?
  7. collectors

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  8. DeadLy

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    Lan a.q eline sağlık koçum bişiler demişin ama birde anlasam :D
    Lan burada Türk yok mu?
    açıonuz bari araya bir Türk moderator koyun a.q :D
  9. KD-did

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    I am sorry but, without knowing what your language is it is pretty hard for anyone to use babelfish to help answer the question.
  10. LogoManiac

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    I'm taking a wild guess and say it might be Turkish. And Babelfish doesn't have a translator for it.
  11. KD-did

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    That sounds to me like a very reasonable guess after looking at it this morning...I did locate a free online translator looks real impressive look at what language are available.
    Languages of Translation

    If you require a professional translation to or from a language or dialect that is not listed below, please contact us.
    A to G H to P R to Z
    Afrikaans Language
    Amharic Language
    Arabic Language
    Armenian Language
    Assamese Language
    Azerbaijani Language
    Baltic Language
    Baluchi Language
    Bangla Language
    Bashkir Language
    Belarusian Language
    Belorussian Language
    Bengali Language
    Bhojpuri Language
    Bosnian Language
    Brazilian Portuguese Language
    Bulgarian Language
    Burmese Language
    Bushman Language
    Cambodian Language
    Catalan Language
    Chaldean Language
    Chinese Language
    Chinese - Simplified Language
    Chinese - Traditional Language
    Croatian Language
    Czech Language
    Damara Language
    Danish Language
    Dari Language
    Dinka Language
    Dogri Language
    Dutch Language
    English Language
    English - American Language
    English - Australian Language
    Eskimo Language
    Estonian Language
    Farsi Language
    Fijian Language
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