Getting a Classy & Glassy Look For Your Font

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    This is a tutorial on HOW TO MAKE GLASSY TEXT IN TLC/WGC, or plug in any effect you want as a type background image. As I use a PC, this is how I added an interesting effect to a type face (see the image of Shoebox Logos). Sorry I can’t help all you MAC folks. But this will give you a starting point and you can branch out later and load all kinds of textures into folders for use in TLC and WGC. Just go crazy with unlimited creativity. Your imagination is the only boundary. You can save dingbats or wingdings as pictures and use those to create type face background effects.
    1. Create a folder called “Orbs 1” in the “My Pictures” folder. (Or you can create a standalone folder and name it whatever you want for ease of access)
    2. Go into the Programs and open the folder in “The Logo Creator” labeled “Logo Elements”.
    3. Copy all the orbs in the folder marked “Orbs” to your “Orbs 1” folder in my documents. Use the “copy to” command to move them to the new Orbs folder.
    4. You now have a duplicate folder in My Pictures called “Orbs 1” and you are now ready to create some spectacular text faces.
    5. Open up TLC and click on “NEW LOGO” - you now have a blank canvas on which to begin your text transformation.
    6. In the Element Setter, type the word “LOGO”, then click “ADD NEW TEXT.”
    7. The word “LOGO” will appear on your working space in the default type. For this tutorial, a good, heavy, block type face will work better than a thin face.
    8. You will need to go the “TEXT ATTRIBUTES” command to reduce the size of the type. This will accommodate the size of the Orb. Or you can resize the Orb and place several different versions of the Orb for later use. But, for our purposes here, I am using the same size orb (no resizing) direct from TLC. If you want (or need) to resize, there is a great free program called Irfanview which you can download. Tip: save your resized image as a PNG or GIF file and be sure to crop close so you won’t have white background to spoil your effect.
    9. Click “DONE” and go to the TEXT GRADIENT menu. There you will find a subroutine called “INSERT AN IMAGE INTO TEXT.” Click on this command.
    10. This will open up a menu from your computer labeled “PLEASE SELECT AN IMAGE FILE”. You can then browse to your Orbs 1 folder and select a suitable orb.
    11. Click on the image and then click insert.
    12. The Orb is now inserted behind your text giving you a really unique coloration and texture for your font.
    13. You can play with the sliders “VERTICAL” and “HORIZONTAL” to adjust the orb to the proper positioning in the text.
    14. Once you are satisfied with the positioning of the orb, click DONE.
    15. As the two images (orb and text) are now merged, you can go back to your TEXT ATTRIBUTES and resize the text .
    16. You now have a unique type face to use in your logo design. Enjoy!


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    such a nice font.Thanks for sharing this.

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