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Discussion in 'Meet the Mods' started by Lats, Nov 16, 2007.

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    I'm Lats and have absolutely no artistic skill, so Marc's software makes me look good :)

    Living in Australia throws discussions off sometimes around here as there's about a 16 hour difference between the bulk of users and me - someone is either a day ahead or a day behind :image10:

    My day job is intranet manager for a large government department which allows a lot of scope for custom programming in php/mysql which I enjoy a lot.

    I also ensure regular backups of the forum are done and stored in a safe place.
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    Hi Lats, my name is John & I am in Australia & although I'm not in IT I have purchased The LG & it makes things so easy I have put together some "stuff" that I am using on my business card & soon to be on my new web site

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