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Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by mel2000, Apr 1, 2007.

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    Thinking that it would create a single self-contained swf file, I finally took the plunge to allow FAC2 to upload my template3 asset folders to my website via FTP. I knew something was amiss when the FTP dialog screen asked for a "site name" instead of an FTP host name. Even worse, FAC2 has no way of knowing where the exported folders belong on the user's server and defaults to the root directory instead of the public_html directory required for my ISP's FTP configuration.

    I would instead like to see FAC2 create a true self-contained swf output file and let the user upload to their server using the FTP client of their choice. The current implementation is confusing and broken.

    While the resulting template3 swf file plays OK in Flashplayer 7, the swf and fla files do not render properly when importing or opening them in Flash 8. Other programs that read swf files either throw an error message or crash when opening the template3 swf.
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    Different users require different options. I'd like to say FAC2 is set up to satisfy the majority. But, I can't honestly say that for sure. Hopefully, one of the tech's will bounce in here and drop their dime in on the discussion.

    Can you create your FAC2 ad, save them locally on your machine and upload using your ftp software? I know I never upload anything directly, I have backups on my machine and view creations before uploading to the live site.

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