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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself!' started by MoooNDawG, Jun 4, 2006.

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    Hi, i Am new here also. My name is Brian...I go by the nic "M-o-o-o-N-D-a-w-G" on all sites I belong to. I live in Kansas. I am a sysop on msn gaming zone ( and have been for 6 years.

    I am an advocate for wolf preservation and am a member of a 2 preservation organizations. International Wolf Center and Defenders of Wildlife. This is the reason for my name "M-o-o-o-N-D-a-w-G".

    My interest in graphic design began last year when I purchased a new computer and was offered 3 software titles for $49.00 each. One of the titles I purchased was paint shop pro. Well I been designing ever since. I taught myself this software and became so interested that I started surfing the web to see what else I could learn. From there I taught myself basic CSS and HTML. So now I have also taught myself web design. (With a little help from dreamweaver ;) which I have also bought since. I start college in 2 days to get my degree in Web and Graphic Design!!

    I am now a member of a few freelance sites and spend most of my time doing mock ups and submitting bids for projects. Its tough out there. I am currently working on my website and when I get it up and running will let everyone know.

    I happened on this site looking for an easy way to make mock ups to submit for jobs, since Its very time consuming. I downloaded several trials of products and deleted them within 10 minutes. They were all horrible. Then I happened on TLC and tried it and it would not work. Marc fixed me right up and I been here since :) Okay I have rambled more than enough!!

    M-o-o-o-N-D-a-w-G (I'm hiding from crawlers :/)

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    I guess I'll throw in....

    My name is Ed. I enjoy building my own computers, art (both regular and digital), music, and computer gaming. I'm not the oldest one here but I am far from the youngest ;). I'm in BK's range but he has me beat by a little.

    Marc mentioned his discovery of this interesting thing called the internet. Well, I hail back to the days of Atari 800s and Commodore 64s when AOL was just beginning, Compuserve (I think that's the name)was the dominant major online provider, and local BBS' were the place to be.

    I can't remember exactly how I got to this forum many years later but I found that there was a lot less 1-up-manship here than other forums I had visited so I hung around. I lurked for a long time before actually becoming a member. I'm glad I stayed! This is still one of the more fun forums of the many I visit and participate in.

    We should all give thanks to whomever maintains these forums (I am guessing Lats?). And also thanks to Marc for a great affordable program like TLC which allows us to all come together here and express our creativity.


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