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    There are lots of catagories. but there is one small drawback with this site and that is there is no previews of the clipart...there simply is a list. of what is in that catagory. You will only see what the cipart actually is after it is save it. At first when you clip on something it will look as if it is a broken link.( See attachment) BUT if you right click on the broken Win and save you will be able to save it. It should be visable when you click on the file with your onboard viewer...If you can't then download'll be glad you'll have it because it supports so many file types and allows you to save in another file type. available for FREE at

    With WMF's you can delete unwanted parts of the clipart, recolor it with programs such as Advance Drawing or just about any paintprogram or any program that supports flood filling . The white back ground removal tool in TLC does seem to do a cleaner job of removing the white back ground. Most subscription clipart sites do offer WMF formats also.

    Check it out at

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