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    Images at My-Addr Project
    This is branch of My-Addr Project created for free online image modification (online image changer), manipulation with user's images like converter,resizing,simple editing.
    First of all it's created for converting from one image type to other - like JPG to GIF and something like this.
    It's useful because if can access it on any computer that linked with internet and web browser application - no ther soft are required.
    How it's working? You opening tool, setuping settings, choose file, and submit form - as result you downloading already modified file.

    Currently supported graphic formats: PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP.
    We deploy several tools, and hoping that it will be useful for our users. You can find some description of any tool, that helping to understand difference in images formats, colors, transparency.
    During developing we find solution how to convert/resize transparent png/gif to transparent gif/png, you can see examples on "png to gif" tool.
    The basic set of tools are finished (but we continue working on EXIF file data reading), we will continue to add new tools after feedbacks.
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