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Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by Swing City, Aug 17, 2009.

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    I have used an older version of logo creator, bought a new computer and downloaded the V5.2 Corporate Edition. The problem I have had with both versions is that some font styles take forever to convert on the Logo Creator. Grunge Fonts and fonts like Bleeding Cowboy, Barershop, DZR Mental, F25 Bank Printer, Messy Fonts. Could someone please tell me if there is a solution to this to make those type of fonts convert faster.

    I mean if you type a sentence and try to convert it to Bleeding Cowboy it takes 10 - 15 minuets or you can do it one letter at a time and to do that it takes 2-3 minuets for each letter. Help
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    There is only one way I know of that may or may not be quicker work around for you to be able to use those fonts without waiting... if you have a program on board that is quicker than TLC in rendering those fonts... preferably one that that has Word Art or desktop publishing capabilities (so you can have the most text effects available to you)you can do your text in the 3rd party software it export/save it as a(an image) .png and import it into TLC as an image .Some fonts are going to just be problematic no matter what ......some fonts may not even work at all in some applications and then there are others that will work in one specific program even though the fonts are seen on the system font folder. Some fonts may be viewable but unusable or have been installed by a program into a subfolder which TLC can not access.

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