FlashAdCreator doesn't work in Publisher Pro websites??

Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by heartman07, Oct 23, 2005.

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    Hello Mark (or someone who knows about this),
    I think that Flash Ad Creator is a great program, but I'm having problems when I try to insert the Flash Ad in my web site created in Publisher Pro. I don't know if the thing is that Publisher Pro doesn't accept this type of format (.swf) , but the thing is that I can't use it (FAC) with Publisher, (by the way, is a great program to create websites). Can you help me??
    PD: excuse my english, my first language is spanish.
    Thanks, Heartman07
  2. Mr Laughingbird

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    Hello Hartman!
    Thanks for the post.

    I'll be putting up a tutorial on how to use The Flash Ad Creator with something other than a regular FTP program. There seems to be a lot of users with the same question.

    The bottom line: You have to upload the "assets" folder along with the "swf" file. I think Mac27 offered a great suggestion on this. I'll look for the post.

    Yes, I do belive publisher can use the .swf file (if they can't they're FAR behind the times and you should move on :D )

    Thanks for the post Hartman!
    I appreciate it and will be posting alot more on this question shortly.
    ... along with an update to the software! Watch for it on :
    http://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com and http://www.flashadcreator.com

    - Marc

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