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Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by ikil, Aug 14, 2007.

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    I am attempting to load a flash ad from Flash Ad Creator to my Site Builder web site but have consistently hit dead walls and wonder if someone can help. Here is what i have done thus far...

    Approach #1

    In Flash Ad Creator: (a) created my ad, (b) clicked 'export,' (c) selected 'save to computer'...then went to the Sitebuilder page. From the sitebuilder site i (a) clicked on site add-ons; (b) selected a spot; (c) clicked 'multimedia', (d) clicked 'add' under 'support for flash', (e) clicked 'upload' at the top of the screen, (f) selected the flash file, (g) hit 'done'. The ad does not show up.

    Approach #2

    In the Flash Ad Creator i (a) created my ad, (b) clicked 'export,' and (c) clicked save to my server. I assumed that by 'my server' was meant the ftp server assigned to me. In the space next to site, i put my .ftp address. Then i put my username and password that web.com gave me. The message that came up the first time was 'login failed' and the second time was 'could not find directory.'

    Needless to say, the files did not load.

    Approach #3

    I logged into the ftp server and copied and pasted the 3 Flash Ad files--font, picture files, flash ad--to it. But from this i do not know how to then pull it to the website. (I have not been successful in getting help from sitebuilder support--perhaps i am asking my question clearly).

    So...if there is anyone who might be able to provide some idea of how to use Flash Ad with SiteBuilder, i would really appeciate your help.

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