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Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by mag290, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. mag290


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    Hi Everyone:

    I live in Georgia, just moved here from North Carolina. And I'm trying to get my website going. I need help with Flash Ad Creator.

    I'm having problems with my banners because they're half the size of my website header area. They are too short and there is noway for me to fix them or make them wider, because the program doesn't give the option to do so. There is also no html for backup.

    My website requires a .swf extention and only Flash Ad has that extension. But the banners are too short.

    I made two banners so far, but I need them wider. Putting them in the header or banner area of my website make them look weird because I cannot add to the side of them. So I had to go in and take them out. I also purchased webgraphics creator hoping it would help, but the but I can't bring up the work from the web graphic creator into my website.

    PLEASE HELP ME. Maybe I can send the banner to somebody and you could fix it for me.

    I like the banners they're really cute but tooooo short. Please respond. Thank you.
  2. Randy...

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    Hi Mag -- take a look at this thread and how the user tweaked the sizes within the html of his page to get the size of his ad he needed.


    There is also a thread of anyone using FAC that would like to request a template size. Let us know the size you need. There is no guarantee that it will be created, but seeing if the same size keeps coming up, it can't hurt.


    BTW - care to point us to your webpage?
  3. morne


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    Please can you let me know how one can change the size of your project. The link that you are referring to doesn't mention anything about how to change the size of your project.
    Also is one able to change certain colors of your project i.e. background ?


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